“Equity is a guidebook for change.” 

–Dan Heath, co-author of Switch and author of Upstream

“Minal Bopaiah’s book is a succinct jewel.  Anyone who wants to better understand inclusion, diversity and equity, as well as paths toward reaching these goals organizationally—and personally—would benefit from reading it. My thinking has been broadened by reading it and I know I’ll refer to it many times in the future.”

– Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

“Minal’s blending of design and diversity offers a unique way of understanding both. She combines real-world experience with relevant research to deliver a thoughtful, accessible and engaging IDEA for meaningful change.”

– Keith Woods, Chief Diversity Officer, NPR

Equity: How to Design Organizations Where Everyone Thrives lives up to its title as a practical-minded guide to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion within one’s organization. Chapters address how leadership can engage more effectively, the role of media and marketing in creating equity, countering bias in entrenched systems, and much more. ‘Observable behaviors are critical in designing organizations where everyone can thrive, but they are not enough. You must make sure that the organization’s system and processes reinforce desired behaviors and, if possible, do so invisibly.’ Equity is a welcome addition to the college library Business and Leadership shelves, highly recommended. It should be noted for personal reading lists that Equity is also available in a Kindle edition ($9.99).

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

“In our quest for inclusion and belonging, this book will serve as one of the sharpest tools in any DEI leader and practitioner’s toolkit. Bopaiah challenges us to think about the role of equity first, and then highlights its criticality in redesigning systems that will benefit those who are centered to most importantly, those at the margins. Whether you are an experienced DEI practitioner or are reading this book with curiosity, you will walk away with both strategic, tangible and practical next practices to begin designing for inclusion, equality and justice.”

– Katie Oertli Mooney, Head of Diversity Best Practices

“In Equity, Minal Bopaiah has offered us an exceptional contribution to our struggle to create greater equity and inclusion in our organizations and our culture. By rigorously examining both the system that we have all been socialized by, and our all too human reactions to that system that impact us in our organizations and society every day, she offers us a deep understanding of the patterns that dominate our thinking and actions. By offering a design framework for addressing these issues, she provides a practical guide for transforming the way we live and work together. This is a thin book, but each page is bursting with knowledge, wisdom and humor. This is a great read, and a great guide to a new future.”

– Howard Ross, Author, Everyday Bias and Our Search for Belonging

Equity is a fantastic and comprehensive primer for anyone looking to engage with diversity & inclusion, regardless of experience or job title. Minal Bopaiah deftly teases apart complex concepts, and backs up her expertise with actionable strategies for inclusive organizational design. At a time when hope is in short supply, Equity inspires with every page.”

Jennifer Brown, Founder & CEO, Jennifer Brown Consulting; Author of How to Be an Inclusive Leader

“Do you wish your organization was more equitable? Well, stop wishing and start designing! Equity is a guidebook for change. It’s a fast and engaging read, loaded with practical guidance, and it’s a must-read for leaders who want to create conditions in which everyone can flourish.

– Dan Heath, co-author of Switch and author of Upstream

“Minal Bopaiah has woven accessibility throughout her discussion of diversity, equity, and inclusion, highlighting its importance to leaders who want to be resilient in a volatile and uncertain world. I highly recommend this book for any organization seeking to be an employer of choice for people with diverse abilities.” 

– Bonnie St. John, bestselling author, Paralympian, and Fortune 500 leadership expert

“Design and innovation are hot topics of the last decade, but far too often, the conversation ignores biases and systems at play. In this book, Minal combines her personal expertise, evidence-based research and frameworks, and illustrative case studies to make the case for a new way of designing, with equity and inclusion integrated. She shows that this new approach is not simply the more just way forward, but that by tapping into individual and collective power, organizations themselves will thrive.”

– Rajan Patel, Co-founder and CEO, Dent Education

“Having had the pleasure of working with Minal now, I can say without hesitation that I would recommend her expertise and her team to anyone looking to improve diversity and inclusion in the organization.  Her expertise, tact, empathy, and conviction make for a unique professional blend that will challenge you while partnering with you and push your boundaries in a way you can be comfortably yourself and successful with.  She’s a rare talent to work with.”

– Bob Etris, Managing Partner, Evans Consulting

“This book is for any leader who wants to move their organization from ideals to action. Minal shows us how cultural competence and confidence come from redesigning systems and creating accountability, and she does so with clarity, compassion, and yes, brevity and wit! I highly recommend her book and her roadmap to tangible IDEA.”

– Joyce McDonald, President & CEO, Greater Public

“Having walked the IDEA journey with Minal as her client, her book is a perfect embodiment of her personality and the transparency and candor she brings to what is an important and challenging process. Minal and the Brevity & Wit team have shown tremendous care in guiding our company through our IDEA journey and the results have been astounding. The process and practices Minal describes in this book absolutely work!”

– Jack Moore, Managing Partner, Evans Consulting