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Minal is a professional and polished speaker, known for her authenticity, wisdom, and humor. Here’s what audiences have to say:

Minal has a wonderful, practical, honest and humble approach. I loved that her story examples were about her own bias, rather than illustrating other people’s. She really modeled how to talk about this and try to mitigate the inevitable role of emotion.

I thought Minal did a great job presenting the information in a relatable way. She was kind and compassionate with her responses to questions and thoughtfully navigated our conversation.

She’s smart and warm. And approachable.

Minal set a very open, welcoming tone. I was impressed how many people spoke up and asked questions.

Minal was engaging, authentic and credible as always! Really enjoyed it and got a lot of takeaways.

Knowledgeable, genuine, engaging speaker.

[The most effective part of her talk was] the practical, but deeply thoughtful, way she engaged participants and answered questions.

She was compelling, informative, engaging and instructive.

Media Inquiries

As a former reporter and editor, Minal is a seasoned source for journalists who need vivid stories and compelling soundbites when covering issues surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion in organizations. She’s happy to speak to the press as her schedule permits.


As a design strategist, Minal is always open to feedback. Share your thoughts below.

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